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Asset Management

Our Goal

The broad objective of Al Asmakh Real Estate Asset Management is to maximize property value and investment returns. This means reducing expenditures when possible, finding the most consistent and highest sources of revenue, and mitigating liability and risk, among other things.

Our Approach

Al Asmakh Real Estate Asset Management helps institutional and individual owners maximize returns on real estate investments through value-added programs and superior management expertise. We take an “asset management” approach, directly supporting ownership’s financial and operational goals

Our Services

We offer a variety of services in areas such as:

  • • Building Operations
  • • Facility Management
  • • Security Services
  • • Valuation
  • • Marketing
  • • Documentation
  • • Tenant Relations
  • • Financial Management
  • • Lease compliance and administration
  • • Property management
  • • Construction management
  • • Due diligence
  • • Strategic account management
  • • Sustainability

We also offer planning in ISO certification

Al Asmakh Real Estate works with investors and owner-occupiers who wish to maximize the financial potential of their property assets.